• Dr. Matilda Saenz
    Dr. Matilda Saenz

    Interim Vice-President 
    Instruction & Economic Development 
    Mark Secord Photo
    Mark Secord 
    Dean of Academics 
    ayla Jones - z
    Kayla D. Jones 
    Assistant Dean of Academics 
    Cynthia B. Silvas

    Administrative Assistant
    Dean of Academics

    Email: czamora@coastalbend.edu 

    Phone: 361-354-2527
  • The Communications Department at Coastal Bend College offers courses in English and Speech for fulfillment of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) core requirements and degree completion. Several courses are also offered for college preparation. Our courses, delivered face to face, online, distance learning, and hybrid (partially online and partially face to face), include Composition I and II, British Literature I and II, Technical Writing, Film and Literature, Speech Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, Integrated Reading and Writing I and II, and English for College Readiness. Our department prides itself on challenging our students to become better thinkers, readers, writers, and speakers. In our classes we strive to encourage students to move away from easy, conventional thinking and move toward critical questioning. We firmly believe our courses prepare our students for both academic and professional success. Additionally, our classes are known as some of the most fun on campus. We look forward to seeing you soon in our classes!

  • Coastal Bend College Communications Faculty 


    James Cornelius 

     Cornelius, James Bryan - English


    Kathy Cuyler - z 

    Cuyler, Kathy  - English 



    Phyllis Garcia - z 

    Garcia, Phyllis - Speech


     Anna Hazelrigg - z  Hazelrigg, Anna - English

    Lewis Jaimes - z 

    Jaimes, Lewis - English 


     Luz Lopez - z  Lopez-Miranda, Luz Angela - Spanish

    Christy Morgan - z 

    Morgan, Christi - English 

    TSI Coordinator 


     Travis Arreaga    Arreaga, Travis - Adjunct Speech Instructor