• Overview of Understanding and Building Your Course

    This page provides a list of online interactive tutorials that will give instructors the knowledge needed to make their online course successful.  Simply click on the link to view the tutorial.  You will need speakers or a headset to hear the lessons.  Each lesson ranges anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes.

    Working in the Course Environment

    • Getting Started with Your Course Environment  (Read It!)
    • Your Course Environment   (Watch It!)
    • Select the Page Where Users Enter Your Course (Watch It!)
    • Adding a Banner to Your Course Entry Point (Watch It!)
    • Creating a Blank Page (for displaying content) on the Course Menu (Watch It!)
    • Uploading One or More Files to Your Course (Watch It!)
    • Adding an Avatar to Personalize Your Course Environment (Watch It!)
    • Make Your Course Available to Students (Watch It!) (Read It!)
    • Copy Your Course to a New Course (Read It!)

     Building Course Content

    Setting Permissions

    • Turning Tool Availability On and Off (Watch It!)
    • Making Tools Available to Students (Watch It!)
    • Changing the Course Language Pack (Watch It!)
    • Changing the User Language Pack (Watch It!)
    • Permitting and Restricting Guest and Observer Access (Watch It!)

    Reporting and Course Utilities

    • Turning on Statistics Tracking for a Content Item (Watch It!)
    • Running a Report of All User Activity (Watch It!)
    • Running a Report of User Activity by Forum (Watch It!)
    • Running a Report of User Activity by Content Area (Watch It!)
    • Running a Report of User Activity by Group (Watch It!)
    • Saving a Course Report (Watch It!)
    • Exporting a Course Package (Watch It!)
    • Importing a Course Package (Watch It!)

    Content Collection

    • Creating a Folder in the Content Collection (Watch It!)
    • Uploading Files to the Content Collection (Watch It!)
    • Uploading a Zipped Package to the Content Collection (Watch It!)
    • Downloading Files in a Zipped Package from the Content Collection (Watch It!)
    • Emailing a File from the Content Collection (Watch It!)

    Upgrading and Best Practices

    • Getting Started with a Moved Course from CE 8 (Read It!)
    • Comparison of Assessment Reporting Between CE & Vista 8 and Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 (Read It!)
    • Balancing Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning in a Blackboard System (Read It!)
    • Beginning of the Semester Check List (Read It!)
    • End of Semester Checklist for your Online Course (Read It!)
    • Getting Started with Scholar (Read It!)
    • Using Blackboard for Problem-based Learning (Read It!)
    • Increasing Adoption:  Using Wordle for Open Ended Survey (Read It!)
    • Delivering Documents to your Students (Read It!)
    • Audio and Video Standards for Online Learning (Read It!)