• Curt Villarreal Fall 2018
  • Biography 

        Professor Villarreal earned his Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Texas A&M University-Kingsville(1997).  Prior to earning his graduate degree, Professor Villarreal graduated from Skidmore-Tynan High School(1983), and then began his undergraduate coursework by attending Bee County College(1983).  After a short leave, he returned to Bee County College(1986) on a part-time basis before transferring to then Texas A&I University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics(1992). 

        In 1993, Professor Villarreal began his career in Higher Education at Bee County College, later to become Coastal Bend College where he teaches College Algebra(MATH 1314), Mathematics for Business & Social Sciences(MATH 1324), Calculus for Business & Social Sciences(MATH 1325), Pre-Calculus(MATH 2412) and Calculus I(MATH 2413). He served as Tutor Coordinator for the Mathematics Division and also received training to help implement the first Supplemental Instruction Program in the Mathematics Division at CBC.  In addition to teaching, Professor Villarreal also serves as the webmaster for the Mathematics Division.  Recently, Professor Villarreal was honored as the Keynote Speaker for the 2015 Coastal Bend College graduating class.  Prior to beginning his career as a faculty member in the Mathematics Division at CBC, Professor Villarreal taught college-prep mathematics courses at Robstown High School(1992), where he also served as a UIL Calculator team coach.  He also worked with a Naval Aviation ground support contractor(1985-1989) as a Plane Captain for the VT-26 Training Squadron stationed at N.A.S. Chase Field, in Beeville, Texas, which operated the T2-Buckeye jet aircraft. 

       Some of his hobbies are pencil sketching and playing his guitar when he has time(he actually began learning by listening to his colleague and former Chemistry professor, Professor Burns, playing in the courtyard during their lunch breaks).  Aside from his hobbies, his favorite dessert is tiramisu, sports he likes to watch are football and track & field, his favorite past-time is going fishing with his two sons and daughter when they have time off, and sitting down with his wife to eat popcorn and watch a movie together.  The message that Professor Villarreal has always given to his children is the same message he passes onto to his college students, and that is to be respectful, pay attention to the little things, and always do your best each day because you can.  This he learned from his parents, as well as the importance and value of getting his education(in the field and in the classroom), and that hard work was vital to building strong character and achieving one's goals.  Finally, Professor Villarreal always looks forward to spending time with his family each day, because that is very important in his life.