• Dear Search Committee Members:

    Thank you for your willingness to assist Coastal Bend College in hiring individuals who will contribute to the continued success of this institution. 

    Committee Chairs are responsible for coordinating their committee’s meeting times, interview dates, and applicant selection.


    Current Users:
    You know your passwords.

    New Users: Usernames and passwords will usually be your email.

    Example: email is janedoe@coastalbend.edu, Blackboard username and password would be janedoe.

    Few employees usernames will vary from their email. If anyone has any trouble accessing Blackboard, please contact Personnel X2224.

    The following guidelines will help you through the training, search, and interview process

    Once a Search Committee is appointed, log in user name and passwords will be developed for the committee members who are not Blackboard users. Committee members who are already Blackboard users will use their existing log in information.

    Each person should log on to the following website: http://blackboard.coastalbend.edu to review application materials.

    Search Committee members should keep track of any materials they print and return all of the materials to the Human Resources Office at the conclusion of the search.

    Committees may use the “DISCUSSION” feature in Blackboard to discuss applicant qualifications. This feature is PUBLIC only. If private communication is required please use the MAIL feature and select the committee members. This feature records discussions for continued reference.

    Committees may use the calendar to plan their work and to schedule chat, discussion, and/ or conference call sessions.

    The chair of the search committee will contact Human Resources Office to advise the office which candidates they want to interview. The Office will set up interviews and send the schedule to the chair.

    Once the selection of finalists is made, the committee chair forwards written recommendation of finalist(s) to the Human Resources Office. Human Resources will then forward the recommendation letter to the  President’s Office.

    Certain positions may require Second Interviews. Personnel will proceed to set up Second Interviews with President Espinoza.

    If anyone has any questions concerning the above procedures, please contact Personnel at ext. 2224