An incomplete application will not be considered. 


  • Application Instructions: 

    Carefully read each step below. All information on the application must be completed and all forms must be signed. An incomplete application will not be considered. 

    • Submit the employment application as a PDF  (Please be sure the application is not blank once saved)
    • Submit the following forms as a separate file (see forms below): Background Information Release Forms; Equal Employment Opportunity Information Request Form; TX DPS form.  
    • Faculty/Adjuncts: Employment Verification Form: If you are interested in teaching, have your (current or past) institution complete this form for verification of your teaching experience. If the applicant is interested in teaching a workforce program, i.e. Welding, which requires 3 years  work experience as a welder, then the applicant will need to have his/her work experience as a welder, not a welding teacher, completed by his/ her employer where he or she is/was a welder. 
    • Faculty/Adjuncts and professional positions: During the application process, a legible copy of unofficial transcripts is sufficient to review credentials. If hired, the applicant is required to have sealed official transcripts submitted directly  to CBC Human Resources or cbcjobs@coastalbend.edu.   
    • Faculty/Adjuncts and professional positions: Submit copies of licenses and certifications.  
    • Faculty/Adjuncts and professional positions: Submit an update resume.  
    • Continuing education instructor: Submit a completed application with a cover letter that includes what they are interested in teaching, detailed resume with work experience, transcripts, certificates/license.  
    You may submit your application and additional forms by fax, by e-mail to cbcjobs@coastalbend.edu, mail or hand-deliver to nearest CBC site. 
    Employment Application Button 2 
    Background Information Release Forms and Equal Employment Opportunity Information Request Form - Must be completed and returned to Coastal Bend College Human Resources. 
    Employment Verification Form  -  Form must be completed by employer(s) and returned to Coastal Bend College Human Resources. 
    Volunteer Application  
    Internship Application   Internship Opportunities with Clinic and Co-Op programs (For Alice, Beeville, Kingsville, and Pleasanton Campuses). 
    TX DPS Form  -  This form must be filled out by all applicants.