Coastal Bend College conducts evaluations on all full-time Administrators, Faculty and Staff.  Employees benefit by being advised of their strengths and areas that need improvement, as well as issues or areas requiring immediate or substantial improvement, subject to further evaluation which could lead to possible reprimands or termination from employment.   

    The commitment to ongoing evaluation process helps the supervisor by addressing problem areas sooner, rather than later, so that the employees perform their jobs satisfactorily.   



    1. Take the time to do the evaluation correctly. If the employee’s performance is inadequate, the review should say so.  
    2. Allow the employee to see the review, preferably in advance of the date of discussion.  
    3. Give the employee an opportunity to write their own comments.  
    4. The supervisor’s written comments should match the verbal discussion.   
    5. Do not add additional comments or criticisms to a review that was not discussed with the employee, especially after the review has been discussed with the employee.  
    6. The evaluation criteria should be job-related.     
    7. Employee must sign and date the evaluation.  
    8. Supervisor must sign and date the evaluation.  
    9. Submit the completed evaluation form and the Employee Recommendation Form to Human Resources. 

     EVALUATION DEADLINE FOR 2017-2018 -All reviews must be completed and submitted to your area President Leadership Team member no later than Friday, January 19.  PLT members have until Thursday, January 31 to submit their Reviews to the President 


    As always, please feel free to direct any questions to the Human Resources Department at 361-354-2729.