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    Coastal Bend College 

  • Who are we? 

    The Coastal Bend College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that was organized and incorporated in 2000 to stimulate private support for the benefit of the college and its students. 

    The foundation, located in Beeville, has a staff of two, and a board of directors representing all of the communities with CBC campuses. 

    What do we do? 

    The foundation serves as a repository for all private, non-governmental gifts and support received on behalf of the college. It solicits, accepts, manages, invests and distributes contributions, and communicates with donors and prospects regularly. 

    The foundation raises and manages private contributions that support the mission and priorities of the college, provides educational opportunities for students, and enhances institutional excellence.  These funds are used for CBC Foundation scholarships and/or operational needs, along with overall growth for future needs. 

    How do we manage funds? 

    Foundation financial policies are directed and supervised by the CBC Foundation finance & governance committee, with advice and consent of the CBC Foundation board of directors.  Individual investments are directed through institutional professionals, such as fund managers, or with professional independent advisors, and accomplished with careful attention to risk and a balanced approach with respect to equities, fixed income, and alternative investments.  The foundation's investment policy ensures that its funds are invested in a prudent manner, and that interest, dividends, and capital gains are reinvested in a way that is consistent with the goals and objectives of the Coastal Bend College Foundation and the wishes of the original donor.