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    How to apply to CBC?



       ✔ Apply to CBC using the online application at applytexas.org
      ✔ Send your official transcript to the Admissions Office 
      ✔ Submit your application for financial aid online at www.fafsa.gov  
      ✔ Test (Visit with an Advisor before testing) 
    Students age 21 and under

      ✔ Submit Your Meningitis Record to Admissions 

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  • What happens next? 

     ✔ Register for Cougar Days 
     ✔ View the complete New Student Checklist   
     ✔ Apply for the CBC Scholarship  
    Deadline: April 1 ►  
     ✔ Visit with a CBC Counselor/Advisor  
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    Deadline: April 1

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