Student Success at Coastal Bend College (CBC) encompasses services and programs that are essential to the intellectual, cultural, social and moral development of students.  Student Success encourages students to realize their potential as individuals and as prepared, enlightened, responsible members of an increasingly complex and diverse global society.  As a partner in our students' educational process at a rural and Hispanic serving community college, Student Success is vital to the institution's mission to serve as a center for learning, workforce skill development, scholarship, and creative endeavors. 
    Coastal Bend College in accordance with SACSCOC policy statement on institutional obligations for public disclosure:  "Accredited SACSCOC institutions are obligated to provide to its students, constituents, and the public information about itself that is complete, accurate, timely, accessible, clear and sufficient...[including] statements of its goals for student achievement and the success of students in achieving those goals. Information on student success may include reliable information in retention, graduation, course completion, licensure examinations, and job placement rates and other measures of student success appropriate to institutional mission."    
     6YR Graduation/Persistence Rate 20188 

    One of Coastal Bend College’s primary key measures of success pertains to first-time, full-time, credential-seeking, undergraduates who have earned a degree or certificate.  The chart above tracks this group of students for five consecutive fiscal years (2014-2018) and illustrates progress towards the college’s 2020 goals. 


     3,4,6-YR Graduation Rates 2018  
     The chart above depicts comprehensive graduation rates for first-time, full-time, credit-seeking, undergraduates throughout 3, 4, and 6 years per the THECB State Accountability Report, broken down by fiscal year. 

       Annual Award Completers 20182 


     Coastal Bend College tracks and reports the number of Associates Degrees, Level 1 Certificates, and Level 2 Certificates awarded per year to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The chart above showcases the number of graduates awarded throughout three consecutive fiscal years (2015-2018).  

     Developmental Education Not Required 201888 

       Developmental Education Required 2018888     

    The graphs above illustrate persistence rates for students who did and did not require developmental education for fiscal years 2016-2018.     




    Coastal Bend College Licensure Pass Rate are based on the annual Licensure report submitted to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). The college uses this information to assess the effectiveness of the vocational programs requiring licenses and/or certifications campuses currently offer five such programs:  Dental Hygiene,  Cosmetology, Radiology, Professional Nursing, and Registered Nursing  


     Dental Hygiene Licensure Rates FY 201888 

    Cosmetology Licensure Rates FY 201888  

     Radiology Licensure Rates FY 201888 

     Professional Nursing Licensure Rates FY 201888 

     Registered Nursing Licensure Rates FY201888 




     Fall 2018 5 Year Headcount3

       Fall 2018_Student_Profile Information

     Fall 2018 Race_Ethnicity_Fact Sheet Data 6


     Fall 2017 Duplicate Enrollment 



      Contact Hours By Academic YR 2018