• LVN to RN Bridge Program Information 

    The prospective applicant must hold an unencumbered LVN license through the State of Texas BON or a compact state prior to entering this program. The Coastal Bend College LVN to RN Bridge Program consists of two Upon successful completion, you will earn an Associate Degree and be able to take your state boards to become a Registered Nurse. Classes are online, face to face, hybrid, lab skills, and on site clinical experiences.

    Requirements for the program include a successful TEAS test score (entrance exam for Nursing) of 70% or higher for the LVN-RN Bridge Program and the applicant must be TSI ready as demonstrated in prior course work. The student may check their TSI status by speaking with any of the campus advisors. Those interested may schedule an appointment for the TEAS test with our Nursing department at our Alice, Beeville or Pleasanton sites. TEAS scores from other testing sites are accepted if sealed.

    We have two cohorts in the LVN-RN Bridge program per year: The spring cohort begins in January, has the summer off and resumes in the fall of the same year. The fall cohort begins in August and completes the following May. Please call to check on deadlines for each cohort. Applications and transcripts are usually due 3 months before the start date.

    Our courses are “hybrid” meaning that the bulk of the work is performed online, however the student may be required to attend learning activities, and clinical days on site each semester. Clinical assignments can be scheduled around the student’s work schedules. In addition, exams are proctored on site each week. Orientation is mandatory at the Alice site as well as a comprehensive 3-day review currently held in Alice near the end of the second semester.

    Completion of all pre-requisites is not required to begin the Nursing Program; however, the more that are completed, the more points are given for student selection. Please see LVN to RN Bridge Degree Plan for a detailed list of courses. The selection committee will select applicants for the program according to their GPA, TEAS score, and completion of coursework, and employment history

    For tuition information call the Business office at: 361-354-2245.

    Financial aid: 361-354-2238.

    Application procedure:

    1. Call to schedule and take the TEAS exam.

    2. Receive an application packet after taking the TEAS exam if applicable. Must score a 70% or higher overall score on TEAS in order to receive an application.

    3. Complete the application packet and submit it by the deadline with transcripts.

    4. Await a letter in the mail or email to see if you have been selected by the Selection Committee.

    5. Return your acceptance letter.

    For questions please contact one of our Nursing Support Specialist:

    Lucy Morales
    Nursing Support Specialist
    Alice Campus
    704 Coyote Trail
    Alice, TX. 78332
    361-664-2981 ext. 3031
    Hours – 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
    Heather Flores
    Nursing Support Specialist
    Beeville Campus
    3800 Charco Road
    Beeville, TX. 78102
    1-866-722-2838 ext. 2544
    Hours - 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
    Jeannie Winter
    Nursing Support Specialist
    Pleasanton Campus
    1400 Bensdale Road
    Pleasanton, TX. 78064
    830-569-4222 ext.1204
    Hours – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.