***New students must begin at Step 1 *** 

     ***Current students begin at Step 6 ***   

    1. Complete an application. All applicants must use the online Go ApplyTexas "Two Year/Community College" application form.  The application is quick and easy! 

    • Go to Go ApplyTexas and click on the "Create your account now" link. 

    • Complete your profile on the "My Profile" page, create a password and click "Save Profile". 

    • Once your profile is saved, click on "My Applications" tab and select "Create a new application now". 

    • Select "Create a new 2 year college admissions application". 

    • From the drop down list provided, select "Coastal Bend College". 

    • Continue to fill out all required information as prompted. 

    Once your application has been transmitted to CBC, it will be processed and you will be sent an email containing your CBC ID. 

    ****Please note, even though it is not required on the Go ApplyTexas, students will need their SSN, and expected date of high school graduation. ***Returning students: If you have not taken courses in a full academic year you will have to reapply to Go ApplyTexas **** 



    2. Submit Official Transcript. "Official" transcript means it has the HS seal, Registrar's signature and must be in a sealed envelope from HS. Home-schooled students must provide a notarized typed record of the school subjects completed from the official curriculum provider used (hand-written documents will not be accepted). Please submit the official transcript to The Dual Credit Department at 3800 Charco Rd., Beeville, TX 78102 or directly to the CBC Admissions Office through your high school electronic system. 

    3.Test Scores. Submit one of the following test scores: STAAR EOC, SAT, PSAT, ACT, or PLAN. These scores are used to determine if you are college-ready in Reading, Writing and Math. CBC does offer courses that are TSI exempt; please seek guidance from your assigned Dual Credit Specialist. To schedule your TSI assessment, contact the CBC Testing Center at (361) 354-2244 TODAY! 

    4. TSI Release Form. Dual Credit will now be using the TSIA Cross Institution Release Form for all high schools as a way to have students release their TSI scores to CBC upon completion of the exam. The testing department will handle the data retrieval of these scores. 

    5. Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Proof. Texas Senate Bill 1107 requires all new entering students who are 21 years of age and under provide proof of a meningitis vaccination at least 10 days prior to the first day of classes. If you are attending courses at any CBC location (this does not include online or dual credit courses taught on the high school campus), you must provide proof that you have had the Bacterial Meningitis vaccination. All documents proofing the vaccinations needs to be submitted to admissions office via email to admissions@coastalbend.edu . You can also submit your record to Tina Casarez in the Admissions Department. Address: 3800 Charco Road Beeville, TX 78102; Phone: (361) 354-2256; Fax:(361) 354-2254 and Email: casarezt@coastalbend.edu . Click here for Bacterial Meningitis requirements, instructions, or exemptions. 

    **CBC will be placing holds on new student accounts for the Fall 2020 semester. The holds will be listed within self-service as follows: **  

    The two modules listed below are “Required” and have serious implications on the student success initiatives and legislative compliance for CBC. Correspondingly, these holds will prevent any students/staff from making changes to a course scheduling (i.e., add & drops) once placed on a student’s account. 

    • New Student Orientation All new students are required to complete online orientation. The orientation can be accessed at https://launch.comevo.com/coastalbend/1964 and should take 45 to 60 minutes to complete.   
    • Mandatory Policy Training All new entering students are required to complete online Sexual Misconduct and Title IX orientation. The orientation can be accessed at https://launch.comevo.com/coastalbend/2146 and should take 30 to 45 minutes to complete. 

    **If you encounter a student with these holds, please direct them to complete the module(s) via the link listed above. The students can also access the trainings via the notification option in self-service:** 

    Image preview 

    6. DC Permission Form.    

    Complete the Dual Credit Permission Form with your counselor and have your parent/guardian sign the form. Once all required parties have signed the form, please submit permission form to your high school counselor. If your counselor is not available, you can scan and email it to your assigned DE Specialist (contact information is located on the bottom of the DC homepage) or schedule an appointment with a Dual Credit Team member by calling (361) 354-2723. **It is very important that your high school counselor is involved with the registration process if it is during the school year.** If you are a NEW CBC student-- remember the first course you MUST enroll is EDUC 1300. Once the Office of Dual Credit receives your completed permission form; Then the DC Team will register you for your requested courses. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with your assigned DC Specialist (dedicated advisor) so you can learn more about your courses and your certificate/degree plan. Call: (361) 354-2723 or E-mail: dualcredit@coastalbend.edu to schedule your DC appointment TODAY! Appointments can also occur at your high school if necessary.  

    8. Pay for your Course(s). If your high school does NOT pay for your Dual Credit courses; Please contact the CBC Business Office: (361) 354-2220; Other extensions 2222 & 2305, to pay for your tuition and fees. You can pay in person at any CBC location. 
    Select Cougar Den Student's Point Of View for a better understanding of how to navigate Cougar Den through a student's perspective. 
    A.) Log in via Cougar Den: 
    User Name = First Part of CBC Email 
    Password = CBC ID # 
    • First part of your student email (EX:student1@study.coastalbend.edu) Student1 would be your user name.  
    • Password is your CBC Student ID number.  
    • You are able to access Blackboard through your Cougar Den. 
    B.) Find Campus Applications in the Blue Box on right hand column; click on Student Self Service.  
    Student Self Service pic 
    C.)Click on Student Finance. 
    Student finance pic 
    D.)Click Make a Payment. 
    Make a payment pic 
    E.)Click Continue to Payment Center. 
    Continue to payment center pic 
    F.)From here student may Enroll in Payment Plan or Pay in full. 

    Please do not complete last step for the student/parent, this step must be completed by the fiscally responsible individual. 


    9.) Buy your Textbooks. Purchase your textbooks at the CBC bookstore at any CBC location or click here for the CBC Online Bookstore. If you need assistance you may contact the CBC Bookstore staff at (361) 354-2290. Click on Textbook Adoption 2019  to view the updated DE textbook list. 
    We also encourage all new students that are taking internet courses to view the Blackboard Orientation. This orientation is also available in your Blackboard account and can be completed at anytime.  
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Blackboard account, please contact Cynthia Jaure at cabrigo@coastalbend.edu or call (361) 354-2508. NOTE: Your courses can not be viewed in Blackboard until the first day of class. Also, you must be registered for courses to view them in Blackboard. If you are unsure about your enrollment, please view your schedule on your Cougar Den.