• When an instructor is contemplating the virtual environment it is vital to have a clear idea of the demands of online education.  This survey instrument has been designed to assess a faculty member's compatibility with online instruction.


    Is Online Teaching for Me?

    Self-evaluation Quiz


    An online instructor plays a vital role in developing and maintaining an effective online learning environment and must possess a unique set of tools to perform successfully.  Some highly seasoned instructors from the traditional classroom environment will easily adapt to the online model, while others may find the transition challenging at first.  Reflect on your teaching style, circumstances and technical skills to see if teaching online is right for you.

    Computer Skills Assessment

    1.  Do you have (or are you willing to obtain) access to a computer and Internet connection at home?

    2.  Are you willing to upgrade your computer equipment and/or purchase new software if needed?

    3.  Do you know how to use email and access the Web using a browser?

    4.  Can you download a file from the Web and save it on your own computer?

    5.  Can you attach a document to an email message?

    6.  Can you cut or copy and paste from one program into another?


    Experience in the online learning environment and qualifications

     7. Have you ever taken an online course as a student?

    8.  Have you used email or a listserv as an important part of your teaching?

    9.  Have you used web pages to supplement your on-the-ground course or seminar?

    10. Have you used online quizzes, a discussion board or chat room as part of your teaching?

    11. Do you have practical/professional experience in the subject matter you wish to teach online?



    Attitudes towards teaching and learning in the online environment

    12. Do you believe that high-quality learning can take place without interacting with your students face-to-face?

    13. Do you believe that lecturing is the best method for delivering education in your field?

    14. Is discussion an effective teaching strategy for your subject matter?

    15. Do you believe it is important to structure activities so that students can learn from each other?

    16. Do you believe increased learning can occur when work/life/knowledge experiences are shared among peers?


    Teaching style and habits needed to teach online

    17. Can you dedicate 4 to 6 hours a week (any time during the day or night) to participate in the online teaching process?

    18. Are you willing to log on and contribute to your online classroom discussions and interact with students online at least 5 times a week?

    19. Are you able to create schedules for yourself and stick to them?

    20. Are you flexible in dealing with students' needs (due dates, absences, make-up exams)?

    21. Are you comfortable in communicating almost entirely through writing?

    22. Are critical thinking and problem solving important skills for your students?


    Training and commitment

    23.  Are you willing to complete a six-week, free online training program in preparation for teaching your course online?

    24. Are you willing to spend time rethinking and redesigning your teaching materials to fit the needs of the online environment?

    25. Are you willing to invest time in professional development to continue learning new online teaching and/or technical skills in the future?