STARLINK provides higher education institutions with a multi‐purpose network that provides cutting edge training by the greatest educators available.  Visit the Starlink website to learn more.  Get started by registering your account simply by using your institution email (click here for instructions on creating your STARLINK account).

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    Campus safety is more complex now than ever.  Administrators face the threat of serious safety incidents on their campus every day.  Changing legislative mandates only add to the complexity.  Our SafeColleges Safety and Compliance Programs are built specifically for higher education and are the first choice of leading academic institutions who use our systems to save time and money, but most importantly, to make their campuses even safer places to work and learn.
    Some of the training choices include:
    • Title IX Training such as Sexual Harrassment, Workplace Bullying, etc.
    • Emergency Management Training such as Active Shooter and Terrorism Awareness
    • Employment Practices such as Conducting Job Interviews and Managing Difficult Behaviors
    • Environmental Training such as Back Injury and Lifting
    • Health Training such as First Aid and Stress Management
    • Information Technology such as Email and Messaging Safety
    So get started today!  Login to Safecolleges now by clicking the link and entering your CBC Employee ID number as your username.


    For more information or further assistance, please contact Distance Learning at 361.354.2506 or via email to ycharles@coastalbend.edu.