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                              The Skills Development Fund                                                Coastal Bend College & Wood Group PAC 

    General Program Information

    The Skills Development Fund is Texas' premier job–training program providing training dollars for Texas businesses and workers. Administered by the Texas Workforce Commission, success is achieved through collaboration among businesses, public Community and Technical colleges, Local Workforce Development Boards and economic development partners.

    For the next two fiscal years (September 1, 2013 - August 31, 2015), TWC has $48 million in Skills Development Funds to support high quality, customized job training projects across the state. Grants for a single business may be limited to $500,000.

    How does it work?

    A business, consortium of businesses, or trade union identifies a training need, and then partners with a public Community or Technical college to fill its specific needs. Businesses work with college partners to submit proposals, develop curricula and conduct training. The Skills Development Fund pays for the training, the college administers the grant, and businesses create new jobs and improve the skills of their current workers.

    Coastal Bend College was awarded again!  We partnered with Wood Group PAC!

    At the September 18, 2014 Coastal Bend College Board of Trustees Meeting, the Trustees approved the signing of the contract to provide training to Wood Group PAC through the Skills Development Fund.  

    In August 2014 Coastal Bend College submitted a Skills Development Fund (SDF) proposal to TWC for funding to provide training for Wood Group PAC.  Wood Group PAC specializes in operations and maintenance of wells in the petrochemical industry. The customized curriculum developed through this partnership will provide CBC with additional programs to offer students that meet industry demands. Additionally, CBC’s instructors will gain knowledge from this new curriculum providing additional industry training.

    Courses offered are: First Aid/CPR, Production Operations I, Safety Training, Production Operations II, Introduction to Instrumentation and Automation and Maintenance Technician I. The proposal emphasized the leveraging of the JET Grant Round 8 equipment (Oil and Gas Process Technology trailer) to provide the training for Wood Group.

    The total cost for the project is $371,800: $338,000 is allocated to tuition and $33,800 for grant administration.  The contract period begins August 28, 2014 and ends August 31, 2015.  One hundred eighty people are expected to be trained; therefore, one hundred eighty new jobs!