• VirtualJobShadow.com 


    Job Shadow: You will be able to virtual job shadow over 1,000 careers! Professionally produced videos will show you what a day in the life of your potential career would involve.  


    Job & College Search: You will have access to an incredible national database of two and four year colleges.  Search by location, tuition, major, financial aid availability, and more.  Narrow down your search to the institutions that offer the major and career choices you are interested in.


    Career & Interest Assessments: Match your interests, skill set, and work values to a career that fits you by taking a career assessment.


    Digital Portfolio: This includes a resume builder, a goal setting guide, and even a job search database.

     How do I login?    
    Your username is your first name . your last name (For example: Amanda.Ramirez)      
    Your password is your first initial and your last name combined. (For example: ARramirez)     
    IMPORTANT: Make sure you capitalize where indicated!  
    Note: Some usernames may also require "1" at the end. (For example: Amanda.Ramirez1.) Try this if the first method does not work for you.