QEP Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is the QEP?  

    The QEP is a five-year plan developed by the college community devoted to improving an aspect of student learning. It is required for reaccreditation and is documented by research and best practices. It must relate to CBC’s mission, must be doable and must be scalable.   

    Which SACSCOC requirement and standard are applicable to the QEP?   

    Core Requirement 7.2: The institution has developed an acceptable Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that includes an institutional process for identifying key issues emerging from institutional assessment and focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning and accomplishing the mission of the institution, and   

    Comprehensive Standard 7.2: The institution has developed a Quality Enhancement Plan that (1) demonstrates institutional capability for the initiation, implementation, and completion of the QEP; (2) includes broad-based involvement of institutional constituencies in the development and proposed implementation of the QEP; and (3) identifies goals and a plan to assess their achievement.  

    Why is the QEP important?   

    The QEP is obviously important because it is part of reaccreditation but it also is an opportunity for CBC to improve a key area of student learning with input from all the college community (faculty, staff, students, and community stakeholders).  

    How will CBC decide on its QEP?   

    The Quality Enhancement Plan’s Leadership Team (QLT) will garner input in a number of ways regarding an appropriate QEP topic. This began with a campus-wide event of courageous conversations held at the February 10, 2012 convocation, survey for submitting topics available from this website,  a series of focus groups sessions scheduled at each CBC campus, and a proposal request form that allowed departments to request their department idea be considered.  The final QEP topic was selected from input gathered from all areas with consideration for data indicating a need.