• Program Mission 

    The mission of the Radiography Program at Coastal Bend College is to provide selected students the clinical and didactic education necessary to create a sound foundation for graduates to qualify as contributing members in the professional career of Radiologic Technology. 


    Program Goals with Student Learning Outcomes 

    1. Students/graduates are clinically competent. 

          1.1 Students will produce diagnostic radiographs. 

          1.2 Students will provide safe, reliable patient care. 

    2. Students will demonstrate proficient critical thinking skills. 

          2.1 Students practice critical thinking in clinical setting. 

          2.2 Students utilize critical thinking skills in traumatic situations.  

    3. Students will communicate effectively. 

          3.1 Students use effective and oral communication with clinical staff and patients. 

          3.2 Students will demonstrate written communication skills. 

    4. Students will exhibit professionalism while performing Radiologic Technologist duties. 

          4.1 Students will demonstrate professional behaviors. 

          4.2 Students will acquire professional oral and written communication skills.


    Career Opportunities 

    The Radiography Technology Program can afford the student with many career opportunities for personal development. Career opportunities include continuing education towards a baccalaureate degree and other related modalities such as: Ultrasound, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, Mammography, Special Procedures, CT, PET scanning and education. Technological Advancements in procedure imaging are updated and implemented on a regular basis.