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  • What is Upward Bound?  


    Upward Bound is a free, year-round college preparatory program for high school students. It is 100% grant funded by the federal government with an annual award of $407,320. The goal of the program is to prepare low income, potential first generation college bound students for success in post-secondary education. Students attending a target high school in Beeville, Mathis, Pettus, or Woodsboro must meet participant and federal eligibility requirements in order to be selected. Once selected, students remain in the program until their graduation from high school and completion of their first summer semester of college. All services and activities are provided at no cost to participants.   

    Eligibility Requirements
    Students must be:
    Low income and/or potential first generation college (neither parent has a bachelor's degree);  
    2.  At least 13 years old; 
    3.  Entering the 9th - 12th grade of high school; 
    In need of academic support and/or assistance to assure entrance into and success in college; 
    5.  A student attending a target school; 
    6.  A citizen, national, or a permanent resident of the U.S.   
    Participating Target High Schools 
    AC Jones  AC Jones High School    Mathis HS  Mathis High School 
     Pettus HS  Pettus High School   Woodsboro HS  Woodsboro High School 
    Academic Year 
    At the start of the school year, each participant's academic and educational needs are evaluated by their Upward Bound Success Coach to align program services with the participant's academic needs and goals. From September through May, Upward Bound provides academic and support services to students at their school campus on a bi-weekly basis. At minimum, the program will host (1) Saturday meeting each month from 9AM-3PM, providing participants with opportunities for cultural and educational enrichment through workshops, activities, field trips, college campus tours, exposure to STEM curriculum, and academic instruction and tutoring services in Mathematics, Laboratory Sciences, English Language Arts, and Foreign Language. The Upward Bound Program provides counseling services in the areas of academics, financial literacy, and college/career exploration.    

    Summer Component
    During the summer, participants that are non-graduated seniors, and who actively participated by show of regular attendance during the Academic Year Component, will be eligible to apply for participation in a (6) week, non-residential program. Students attend college-simulated classes or college credit courses with instruction in Mathematics, English Language Arts, Laboratory Sciences, Foreign Language, Computer Science, Speech Communications, Fine Arts, and Life Management Skills on campus Monday through Thursday along with field trips exposing students to various careers, college campuses, and cultural and educational events and activities. The summer program assists students in obtaining the skills and motivation necessary to succeed in postsecondary school. Students are taught, whenever possible, by college faculty and personnel.   

    Bridge Program
    After graduating from high school, qualifying Upward Bound graduates, those who actively participated by show of regular attendance during the Academic Year Component and completed all requirements of the Senior Checklist, will be eligible to apply for participation in a (6) week residential program. If accepted, Bridge Program participants will enroll in 6 credit hours of college courses at Coastal Bend College for their first summer semester and live on campus in CBC's Residential Hall. Bridge participants are assisted with the admission and financial aid process, as well as their academic transition to college. In addition, tutoring, counseling, and various other services are offered along with participation in all summer component activities. The Upward Bound Bridge Program provides all tuition, housing, and supplies at no cost to the participant.