• Biography 

    With beloved dogs in tow, Dr. Camille Atkinson has traveled extensively both literally and metaphorically.  Born in Los Angeles, she spent her early years on the California coast—playing beach volleyball, surfing, and engaging in political activism while earning a BA in English literature at Loyola Marymount University, and an MA in philosophy at Claremont Graduate School.  

    A move to New York City got her involved in community outreach—rescuing and rehabilitating neglected or abused dogs, working with at-risk youth, assisting veterans, and advocating for prison reform—while completing her PhD at the New School for Social Research.  Since then, her crisscrossing path throughout the continental United States has fueled her diverse interests, added to her professional accomplishments, and expanded her life experience.  Her passion for meeting people from various backgrounds and hearing their stories is as strong as her love for animals and the wonders of the natural world. Camille’s eagerness to embrace new experiences has now led her to Texas where she’s faced the challenges of teaching inside prison walls and adapting to small town, rural living.   

    Due to an insatiable curiosity, Camille’s intellectual interests are equally expansive and eclectic. Though most of her inspiration comes from the classroom or lived experience, her primary areas of academic research and publication are in the fields of phenomenology, the continental tradition, hermeneutics, and the philosophy of humor. Currently, she has works-in-progress on Stoicism, ethics and animals, the philosophy of culture and identity, religious pluralism, existentialism, and Confucianism.