Coastal Bend College Customized & Continuing Education EVALUATION

    1. Please rate the quality of service you received from Continuing Ed Department when registering for this course:
    2. The instructor’s effectiveness in teaching the subject matter was:
    3. Management of class atmosphere promoted student learning:
    4. Instructor’s preparation for class was:
    5. Relevance and usefulness of course content was:
    6. Instructor’s interest in whether students learned was:
    7. Clarity of student responsibilities and requirements were:
    8. Tailoring of instruction to varying student skill levels was:
    9. Availability of extra help when needed was:
    10. Opportunity for practicing what was learned was:
    11. Class sessions were interesting and engaging:  
    12. Class sessions were well organized:  
    13. The course description accurately reflected the content of the course:  
    14. Expectations were clearly outlined in the syllabus:  
    15. The instructor treated students fairly and impartially:  
    16. List any additional training you would be interested in: