• Dr. Chavez' Vita

    As a community college student, Dr. Michael F. Chavez has a personal vested interest in community colleges. Being the first the person in his family to graduate from high school and attend college in 1992, Dr. Chavez enrolled himself at New Mexico Junior College. With no support from his family, he maintained a full-time job, carried over 12 semester credit hours in college, and supported a family. After graduating with an Associate’s of Arts, he transferred to the University of the Southwest and completed a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology. Immediately, he was accepted in the graduate program at University of the Southwest and completed a Master’s of Science in Education with an emphases in counseling. While working full-time as a Psychology Professor at New Mexico Junior College, he was accepted in a doctoral program at New Mexico State University. In 2006, Dr. Chavez completed the doctoral program at New Mexico State University and earned the Doctor of Education in Educational Administration.

    Dr. Chavez has dedicated 18 years of his life to higher education. Ten of those years he worked at New Mexico Junior College where he held three separate positions: Academic/Career Advisor, Professor of Psychology and Director of Upward Bound/TRiO. Since leaving New Mexico, Dr. Chavez has gained extensive higher education experience. He was hired as Assistant Professor/Coordinator at the University Edinboro in Pennsylvania. Next, he worked at Arizona Western College as the Director of the Student Success Center and later became the Associate Dean for the Institute for Teaching, Learning, and Academic Leadership. He next held the position of Dean of Educational Support Services at St. Philip’s College in San Antonio where he provided leadership to multiple student services programs (i.e. tutoring, student life, advising, and career services). Then, he worked at Midland College as the Dean of Enrollment Management. He provided leadership to the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, Advising/Counseling, Admissions and Recruiting.    

    He has extensive experience in Student Services as director, associate dean, dean and currently the Vice President of Student and Administrative Services at Coastal Bend College. Dr. Chavez has developed his leadership skills from working as a faculty member, staff, and administrator in both academic affairs and student affairs. As a result, he has developed and implement successful programs for students. The programs range from developing successful recruiting and retention programs to service learning programs in the classroom. Through his higher education experience, Dr. Chavez has a sturdy academic foundation and understanding of community colleges as a student, faculty member, and administrator. Dr. Chavez believes that the unity of students, faculty, staff, and the community develops and strengthens an academic culture.

    The highest accomplishment in Dr. Chavez’s life is his family. He has been married to his wife Heather for 20 years. She is a 5th grade teacher and has taught for 10 years. Michael and Heather have two children. Justin is a junior at the University of North Texas and studying media and public relations. Their daughter Ramie is a senior at Midland High. She plans to attend Texas A & M in Corpus Christi and major in Marine Biology. Dr. Chavez states, “My family is my motivation and determination to strive to be the best, they are my rock and foundation of who I Am.