Employment Opportunities 

    Classified Positions
    HVAC Technician   Full-Time  Open Until Filled  Beeville 
    AR Cashier       Part-Time  Open Until Filled  Beeville 
    Groundskeeper  Part-Time  Open Until Filled  Beeville 
    Custodian  Part-Time  Open Until Filled  Pleasanton 
    Event Staff  Part-Time  Open Until Filled  Beeville 
    TRIO Tutor  Part-Time  Open Until Filled  Alice, Beeville 
    Drivers  Part-Time  Open Until Filled Beeville   
    Nursing Professional Tutor  Part-Time  Open Until Filled  Beeville, Alice, Kingsville, Pleasanton 
    Student Services Tutors       Part-Time  Open Until Filled  All Sites      


  • Application Instructions:     

    Open application. Enter applicant's information. All information on the application must be completed and all forms must be signed. An incomplete application will not be considered. 

    1. Save the application as a PDF  (Please be sure the application is not blank once saved)
    2. Save the Background Forms and Equal Employment Opportunity Information Request Form separately from the Employment application.  
    3. You may submit your application and additional forms by fax, by e-mail to cbcjobs@coastalbend.edu, mail or hand-deliver to nearest CBC site. 
    4. Employment Verification Form: If you are interested in teaching, have your current school employer fill this form out for verification of your teaching experience at the ISD or if the applicant is interested in teaching a workforce program, i.e. Welding, which requires 3 years  work experience as a welder, then the applicant will need to have his/her work experience as a welder, not a welding teacher, completed by his/ her employer where he or she was a welder.    
    5. Submit copies of all college transcripts. Just for the application process, a legible copy of transcripts is sufficient to review credentials. If hired, the applicant is required to have sealed official transcripts submitted directly from all colleges/ universities to CBC Human Resources    
    6. Submit copies of licensures and certifications as well. 
    7. Continuing education instructor must submit a completed application with a cover letter that includes what they are interested in teaching, detailed resume with work experience, transcripts, certificates/license.
    Employment Application Button 2 
    Background Information Release Forms and Equal Employment Opportunity Information Request Form - Must be completed and returned to Coastal Bend College Human Resources. 
    Employment Verification Form  -  Form must be completed by employer(s) and returned to Coastal Bend College Human Resources. 
    Volunteer Application  
    Internship Application   Internship Opportunities with Clinic and Co-Op programs (For Alice, Beeville, Kingsville, and Pleasanton Campuses). 
    TX DPS Form  -  This form must be filled out by all applicants.