•  CBC Committee Structure 





    Academic Calendar  

    Prepares the annual District calendar  

    Zachary Suarez  

    Meets only in Sept-Nov  

    Achieving the Dream  

    Utilizes data to support college-wide decision making  

    Shannon McCarron  



    Reviews and approves proposed curriculum changes  

    Julia Garcia  

    Meets as Needed  

     Distance Learning  

    Support a learner-centered environment focused on student success and quality of instruction within online, hybrid and video conferencing courses  

    Amador Ramirez, Carry DeAtley  

    Meets as needed  

    Enrollment Management  

    Reviews CBC data for trends in enrollment, retention, and graduation  

    Lupe Ganceres    


    General Education Assessment Review  

    Reviews assessment and provides training in general education assessment  

    Zachary Suarez  


    Graduation Committee  

    Provide/Plan a ceremony for students’ completion of studies at CBC  

    Lupe Ganceres  



    Guides the implementation of the Texas Pathways project at Coastal Bend College 


    Carry DeAtley  



    Oversees CBC’s implementation and adherence to Principles of Accreditation  

    Shannon McCarron  

    Once monthly on Fridays  


    Provide direction and guidance to CBS in emergency situations  

    Kevin Behr  


    TSI Compliance  

    Oversees changes to THECB policies and TSI requirements  

    Zachary Suarez