• Dr. Matilda Saenz
    Dr. Matilda Saenz

    Interim Vice-President
    Instruction and Economic Development 
    Julia Garcia - z
    Julia Garcia 
    Dean of Workforce 
    Noemi Aguilar - z
    Noemi Aguilar 
    Assistant Dean of Workforce
    Melissa Martinez
    Melissa Martinez

    Technical Programs Administrative Assistant 

    Email: mmartinez@coastalbend.edu 

    Phone: 361-354-2326
  • Loana Hernandez 

    Loana Hernandez
    Assistant Dean of Allied Health 

  • Coastal Bend College

    Dental Hygiene 

    Connie Griffin - z  Griffin, Connie
    Director of Dental Hygiene
    Jennifer Arismendez - z  Arismendez, Jennifer
    Dental Hygiene Instructor
    Linda Millard - z  Millard, Linda
    Dental Hygiene Instructor
     Lynn Southerland - z  Southerland, Lynn
    Dental Hygiene Assistant Professor
    Dr. Mary Phelps (small)  Phelps, Mary, Dr. 
    Donna Rosenbaum  Cortez, Donna
    Admin Support Specialist

  • Domestic Awareness Drive coming in October

  • Dental Hygiene Clinic 

    The Coastal Bend Dental Hygiene Clinic services can help you with your dental care needs year.  Under the supervision of licensed dental and dental hygiene instructors, our students perform a number of dental care services similar to those offered at local dental offices, which usually require more than one visit.  And, we would be happy to forward your dental records, such as x-rays, to your personal dentist.     

    Services include dental prophylaxis (dental cleaning), periodontal exam, full mouth x-rays, panoramic x-rays, oral cancer screening, blood pressure screening, sealants, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride treatment, and nutritional counseling.  .   

    Although the clinic is closed during the summer, we offer our services during the fall and spring semesters.   

    Students are required to fulfill a certain number of hours of instruction in the Dental Hygiene Clinic and missed or broken appointments could affect a student's ability to complete semester requirements. 


    Senior Class 

    Clinic Days 

    Clinic Times 


    8:15 a.m.


    10:15 a.m.


    12:45 p.m.


    2: 45 p.m.


    Freshman Class 

    Clinic Days 

    Clinic Times 


    8:15 a.m.





    General Public                                                                              $15.00*  

    Coastal Bend College Students (with college ID)                       $5.00*  

    Radiographic (X-Ray) Copies                                                       $5.00  

    Sealants                                                                                          $5.00  

    Senior Citizens (over 65)                                                              FREE  

    Coastal Bend College Faculty & Staff                                         FREE  

    Military Personnel (Active & Retired)                                          FREE  

    Mock WREB Patients                                                                    FREE  

    Periodontal Case History Patients                                              FREE  

    CDR A-D Competency Patients                                                   FREE 

    *Fee is for comprehensive care which includes routine dental cleaning, perio therapy, necessary radiograph and pit & fissure sealants.  

    Call (361) 354-2555 for appointments.

    Location:  Coastal Bend College

    3800 Charco Road

    James Dougherty Building  

    Beeville, Texas 78102