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    The CBC Dual Enrollment program provides high school students the opportunity to enroll in college-credit courses. The CBC dual enrollment courses are offered at a reduced rate of tuition (almost 1/2 of non-dual student tuition & for Bee county residents tuition & general use fees are waived). Students gain the necessary skills needed to be successful in post-secondary education while in high school. Sometimes Dual Enrollment is referred to as "dual credit" or "concurrent enrollment/credit". 

    NEWS FLASH: There has been an extension granted to all new DUAL ENROLLMENT students enrolling at CBC in Fall 2016 -- you have until Summer II 2017 to complete the EDUC 1300 course before a registration hold is placed on your account. Please make plans to take this course in the coming semesters.

    All new CBC students are required to enroll in EDUC 1300 (Learning Frameworks,My Cougar Course) starting Fall 2016. If you have not registered for this course, please contact your Dual Enrollment Specialist today! The EDUC 1300 course is part of the college's
    Quality Enhancement Plan, CBC Smart Start (please click link for more information). There are no pre-requisites for this course and no TSI requirement. The course covers topics important to all CBC student' success such as: time management, communication, learning theories, learning styles, choosing a major, career exploration, goal setting, learning about degree plans, stress/wellness, note-taking, critical thinking skills, conflict resolution, financial literacy and much more. 

    he Coastal Bend College Dual Enrollment program is a proud affiliate member of the National Alliance for Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). NACEP emerged in 1997 as the national forum for concurrent enrollment professionals. At NACEP's national conferences, concurrent enrollment leaders from around the nation gather to share best practices, present research finding and discuss state policy developments. CBC is one of the 241 two-year college members. For more information regarding NACEP, please visit their website at www.nacep.org.  

    Workforce Program Option:  Dual Enrollment students can chose to enroll in one of the fifteen technical programs while in high school (see below).  This is a great way to begin taking the courses you will need for the Associate of Applied Science in your chosen career. The first step is to complete the Level I Fundamentals Certificate.   

    Below is a list of career pathways that are available for YOU!


          Accounting                Computer Information Tech.           Forensic Science          
                Automotive Technology              
    CIT: Web/Game Design 
            Health Information Technology          
                Administrative Assistant               
            Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice          
                Admin. Asst.- Medical Office               Drafting & Design           Oil & Gas/Process Technology           
                Certified Nursing Assistant               Early Dev. & Education          Welding (four processes available)         


    Academic Program Option: Dual Enrollment students can begin working on the 42 CBC core curriculum courses that will transfer to any Texas public institution of higher education. The Foundational Component Areas of the CBC core curriculum include: communication, mathematics, life & physical sciences, language/philosophy/culture, creative arts, american history, government/political science, social/behavioral sciences, and a component area option which include EDUC 1300 (My Cougar Course).

    We always encourage students to meet with their high school counselor and Dual Enrollment Specialist on a regular basis to make sure you are taking the appropriate courses for "dual credit". 

    Benefits of taking Dual Enrollment courses:

    • Dual Enrollment courses allow students to earn college credits while earning high school credit at the same time.   
    • Dual Enrollment courses are accessible to a variety of students. We have many workforce pathways as well as the core academic curriculum courses available.  
    • "Taking dual [enrollment] courses on a college campus can give a high school student the confidence that he or she can succeed in college." - US News  
    • Shortens the time to attain a college degree.   
    • Saves students and their parents money! $33/per credit hour for out-of-district dual enrollment students is a deal!   
    • Tuition options may vary based on the agreement with the school district. Please check with your HS counselor for more details.   
    • When a CBC approved proctor at the high school proctors the TSI Assessment it only costs $15 for dual enrollment students and only $5 to retest.  

    For more information regarding the CBC Dual Enrollment program, contact us TODAY!   

    Coastal Bend College
    Office of Dual Enrollment 
    R.W. Dirks Student Services Bldg., V-126
    Phone: 361-354-2723
    Email: dualenrollment@coastalbend.edu

    Dual Enrollment Team

    Kayla D. Jones, Dual Enrollment Director 
    Office: (361) 354-2714
    Email: kdjones@coastalbend.edu 

    Jackie Witte, Early College High School/Dual Enrollment Specialist
    Office: (361) 354-2720
    Email: jwitte@coastalbend.edu 

    Daniel Rea, Dual Enrollment Specialist
    Office: (361) 354-2272
    Email: drea@coastalbend.edu 

    TBA, Special Populations Case Manager (Perkins)
    Office: (361) 354-2426
    Email: ________@coastalbend.edu 

    Donna Rodriguez, Dual Enrollment Administrative Assistant 
    Main Line: (361) 354-2723
    Email: dorodriguez@coastalbend.edu  



    Information shared from www.nacep.org