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    Dual Credit Department 

    The CBC Dual Credit department is committed to offering high school students a comprehensive post-secondary educational experience that provides a foundation for continued postsecondary academic success and/or the necessary skills needed for today’s workforce industries.  

    Students gain the necessary skills needed to be successful in post-secondary education while in high school. Sometimes Dual Enrollment is referred to as "dual credit" or "concurrent enrollment/credit". The CBC dual credit courses are offered at a reduced rate of tuition (almost 1/2 of non-dual student tuition).  

    Workforce Pathway:  Dual Credit students can chose to enroll in one of the CBC workforce programs while in high school (see below). Most of the courses pair well with the CTE offered at the high school. This is a great way to begin taking the courses you will need for the Associate of Applied Science in your chosen career. The first step is to complete the Level I Fundamentals Certificate. 


    Academic Pathway: The AS/AA degree has 42 credit hours of general education requirements, three-credit hours of degree designation and 15 hours of core curriculum courses as electives. 

    We always encourage students to meet with their high school counselor and Dual Credit Specialist on a regular basis to make sure you are taking the appropriate courses for "dual credit". 

    Some of the Benefits of Taking DC Courses:   

    • Get a head start on your college education by earning college credits while in high school  
    • Exposure to the rigor of a college-level course  
    • Convenience of course location (your high school campus, online or at any CBC location)  
    • Access to CBC support services such as the library, academic/career advising and computer labs. 

    For more information regarding the CBC Dual Credit program, contact us TODAY!

    Coastal Bend College
    Dual Credit Department
    R.W. Dirks Student Services Bldg., V-126
    Phone: 361-354-2723
    Email: dualcredit@coastalbend.edu

    Dual Credit Team
    Susie Gaitan, Dual Credit Director 
    Office: (361) 354-2714
    Email: mgaitan@coastalbend.edu 

    Daniel Rea, DC Coordinator
    Office: (361) 354-2272
    Email: drea@coastalbend.edu 

    Matthew Saldivar, DC Specialist
    Office: (361) 354-2426
    Email: msaldivar@coastalbend.edu 
    Angela Abrigo, DC Specialist 
    Office: (361) 354-2720
    Diana Landreth, DC Administrative Assistant 
    Main Line: (361) 354-2723