The CBC Early Alert Program (EAP) is an intrusive advising intervention program to which faculty can report students to a CBC Academic Success Coach when concerns of academic performance or disengagement are observed. The goal of the program is to help students succeed and achieve their educational goals. The EAP allows instructors to refer students whom they feel are having difficulties in class and can benefit from extra support. 

    By reporting an Academic Early Alert, CBC instructors note that the student is showing increasing signs of academic withdrawal and distress. By identifying students in need, the Academic Success Coach can work one-on-one with students to determine potential issues and make necessary academic or personal support service referrals. This process ensures that students receive needed help crucial to increasing academic motivation, developing tools for success, focusing on academic achievement, and improving skills.  


    Step 1: Identifying the Student   

    Instructors must first identify students experiencing academic difficulties


    Step 2: Report an Academic Early Alert  

    At critical points each semester, faculty will be prompted to submit Academic Early Alert referrals using an online form located on the Early Alert web page.



    Below are some of the reasons why an EAP referral may be submitted:    


                 • Attendance/Tardiness   

                 • Low Test/Quiz Scores   

                 • Lack Preparedness/Participation  

                 • Lack of Study Skills    

                 • Several Incomplete Assignments  


    Step 3: Academic Success Coach Contact 

    Upon receipt of the referral, one of the CBC Academic Success Coaches will contact the student to recommend that they meet as soon as possible. Students can meet with the Success Coach in person or on the phone. The CBC Academic Success Coach will work individually with the student to determine the type of services that will be most beneficial. Students will be informed that they have been referred to the Early Alert program. 




    Coastal Bend College is continually committed to the success of our students. The Early Alert Program (EAP) was developed through the Title V Cooperative Grant "Celebrando Educación" in Fall 2012 to foster success, persistence, and retention. CBC has institutionalized the program and continues to serve students through this necessary intervention.