• Program Goals

    The Early Academic Alert Program is designed to increase retention, heighten awareness of individual learning processes, and promote positive student development. The program seeks to provide information about campus resources and to help students reach their academic goals and explore their career options.  

    The program seeks to address student challenges by maximizing the efficiency of time spent in class or studying. This is achieved through assessment of the student’s current academic challenges at their point of intake to the program, the creation of academic action plans to enhance areas of needed improvement, providing information about on-campus resources to help students reach their academic goals, and exploration of career options.  

    Instructors and staff members are encouraged to use the referral program throughout the semester; however, remember that the first part of the semester is the most critical.  

    If you are referring a student for a conduct issue, please use the Student Conduct Referral.    

    Early Alert Referral Form


    Who should be referred to the CBC Early Academic Alert Program?

    Students with:  

    • Poor attendance and/or consistent tardiness  
    • Low participation/motivation  
    • Poor quality of work  
    • Late and/or missing assignments  
    • Low exam/quiz grades  
    • A need to address study skills or time management  
    • Academic difficulty due to personal issues outside of the classroom 

    What types of learning challenges does the CBC Early Academic Alert System address?

    • Scheduling and Time Management 
    • Note-Taking Skills 
    • Test-Taking Strategies 
    • Classroom Etiquette 
    • Goal Setting and Prioritization 
    • Academic Reading 
    • Critical Thinking 
    • Attendance and Deadline Expectations 

    How are students referred to the program?

    Faculty and staff are encouraged to refer students whom they feel would benefit from the services by filling out the online form linked above. After you have filled in the necessary information, click the submit button at the end of the form. The referral will be sent to the Student Success Center and Dual Credit Department. 

    What happens after I refer a student?

    You, the faculty or staff member, will be emailed a “thank you for your referral” message to confirm we have received the submission. This will be followed by a phone call made by an Academic Success Coach or Dual Credit Specialist. Once the student has been reached, the Academic Success Coach or Dual Credit Specialist and student will discuss the learner’s unique challenges and come up with an agreed upon plan for the learner to address their current academic circumstances. The referrer will be informed of the interaction, or lack thereof, via a phone call or email.