• In the case of a life threatening emergency - Call 911 Emergency Services 

    Facility Personnel Contact Information: 

    Physical Plant Services: 361-362-7419 - 24 Hour Service Line     

    Director of Physical Plant Operations; Jacinto Colmenero, 361-350-0066 

    Grounds Supervisor; Tim Bennett, 361-318-2310    

    Master Plumber; David Rome, 361-354-0009 

    Physical Plant Operator; John Calvert, 361-354-2347   

    Lead Carpenter; Guillermo Hernandez, 361-354-2347 

    Lead Custodian; Rene Gonzales, 361-318-8094   

    Administrative Assistant; Mary Jane Sandoval, 361-354-2347  

    Alice Site: Lead Maintenance Tech/Custodian; Francisco Rivera, 361-318-3884       

    Kingsville Site: Lead Maintenance Tech/Custodian; Betty Trevino, 361-319-4185      

    Pleasanton Site: Lead Maintenance Tech/Custodian; Juanita Munguia, 361-362-5183