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    Coastal Bend College   


    Board of Directors            

    The CBC Foundation Board and its committees support the Foundation’s mission to support Coastal Bend College in developing and maintaining an educational culture that supports creativity, encourages professional development and promotes excellence in all areas. 

    Foundation Officers     



    Reagan Florence, Bee 


    Maria "Lola" Castro, Bee 

    VP of Finance & Governance 

    Ty Sparks, Bee 

    VP of Programs 

    Mary Jan Jenkins, Jim Wells 

    VP of Events & Marketing 

    Johanna Quinones, Bee 

    VP of Development &Nominating 

    Maria "Lola" Castro, Bee 

    CBC President 

     Dr. Justin Hoggard, Bee 

    Board of Trustee Representative 

     Martha Warner, Bee 


    Directors at Large 

    Rucker, Genifer, Bee 

    Arden Dorn, Karnes 

    Rusty Garvin, Atascosa 

    Reagan Florence, Bee 

    Spires, Libby, Bee 

    Mary Jan Jenkins, Jim Wells 

    Michelle Myers, Bee 

    Amy Koenning, Jim Wells 

    Alan Pilgrim, Bee 

    Dr. Matthew Mann, Atascosa 

    Edward Garza, Kleberg 

    Debbie Parsons, Bee 

    Mary Aman, Bee

    Dr. Gerardo Quiñones, Bee 


     Directors Emeritus  

    R.W. “Bill” Dirks, Bee 

    Bill Findley, Jim Wells 

    Jim Kirkpatrick, Kleberg 



    The Finance & Governance Committee has a primary role in managing the CBC Foundation.  It oversees the Foundation's financial operations, ensures that a long-range financial strategic plan is in place, and recommends policies to the Board of Directors. The governance function includes overseeing the quality and integrity of the Foundation's practices.  In this capacity, the Committee's role includes reviewing and monitoring the Foundation's policies and procedures to assure compliance with legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements. 


     Coastal Bend College Foundation Bylaws