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    ee County Adult Literacy Council

    Giving the gift of literacy since 1987 


     Bee County Adult Literacy Council is an independent, non-profit agency comprised of lay and professional volunteers actively working together to combat illiteracy in their community. 


    Research conducted by administration officials at Coastal Bend College and concerned individuals  within  the  community  revealed  a great need to serve the citizens of Bee County who are functionally illiterate or illiterate.  Upon recommendation  of  these concerned individuals, the Bee County Adult Literacy Council (BCALC) established a permanent, independent self-supporting council on literacy in  July  1987.  The  council  was  formed  to address the need for reading and writing skills in an increasingly complex and competitive society.  BCALC is composed of members representing a cross section of people throughout the county who understand these needs. 


    BCALC identifies, develops and coordinates effective programs to combat illiteracy in Bee County and the surrounding area.  The goals are: 

        To  promote  the  importance  of  literacy through public awareness campaigns; 

        To  assist  with  ongoing  programs  for adults with language deficiencies;   

        To develop tutor training programs; and   

        To obtain grant funding for expansion of existing programs. 

    Who is served? 

    The  target  population  of  the  Bee  County  Adult Literacy Council is:  

    Non-readers of the English language; 

    Readers of the English language functioning below a fifth-grade level; and 

    Adults 17 years of age or older who are deficient in reading and writing skills. 

    How are they served? 

    Students are given the opportunity to learn how to read and write English through one-on-one student/teacher relationships at no cost to the students.  

    Volunteers from the community are trained where they must commit a minimum of one (1) or one and a half (1 ½) hours per week. 

    Students are identified and matched with tutors. Tutors and students meet at a mutual site for one 

    (1) hour or one and a half (1½) hours of study time 

    per week.   Three hours of weekly class time is encouraged.  

    It is estimated that 50 hours of reading instruction is required for an average student to advance one grade level. 

    How you can help?

    Bee County Adult Literacy Council asks tutors to commit at least six hours or more per month of their time to meet with their student.  The program year begins in September and ends in June. 


    Call 361.354.2735 or 361.354.2202 if you or someone you know would benefit from literacy tutoring, or if you would like to give the gift of literacy by serving as a tutor.