• Welcome to the CBC Nursing Education Department! 

  • The Nursing Department is proud to announce  several articulated pathways to a nursing education.  

    • Note: If you are interested in applying for the nursing program, begin your Hepatitis B injection series as soon as possible as it can take up to six months to complete.    
    • Begin your Admission Process with TEAS Exam (September-April)   
    • You are allowed 3 attempts to take the TEAS Exam (check campus test dates)   
    • Application will be granted after becoming TSI Reading complete and scoring 55 (VN) or 70 (RN) or better on the TEAS Exam.   
    • Application Deadline varies according to Start Date   
    • Next Class for the Vocational Nursing Program May 2018, at each campus based on space availability  
    • Next Class for the LVN to RN Bridge Program tentatively is August 2017, based on faculty and availability  


                                                                         Nursing Education Department Administration    

    Nursing Program Director        VN Program Coordinator          Nursing Program Support Specialist         CNA Program Coordinator 

    Barbara Scanlon, RN, MSN        Loana Hernandez, RN                Mona Krishan                                                    Susie Gaitan 

    bscanlon@coastalbend.edu      lhernandez@coastalbend.edu   mkrishan@coastalbend.edu                          mgaitan@coastalbend.edu 

    (830)569-4222X1203                  (361)664-2981X3037                  (361)354-2768                                                  (361)354-2549 

    FAX (830)569-4639                       FAX (361)453-4566                     FAX (361)354-2226                                         FAX (361)354-3542