• Dr. Celvin Walwyn 

    Dr. Celvin Walwyn
    Pending Chief of Police and Emergency Management
    (361) 354-2338 

  • Greetings and welcome to Coastal Bend College

    Welcome from the Chief of Police and Emergency Management for the Coastal Bend College Police Department (CBCPD) and Director of Public Safety for the Coastal Bend College District. The CBCPD is committed to maintaining a safe and secure atmosphere for students, employees, and visitors. The CBCPD is responsible for law enforcement, security, and emergency response on the campus.     

    Organizationally, the CBCPD is led by the Chief of Police, who reports directly to the College President.  The Coastal Bend College Police Department is a small police agency, and supplements the college’s law enforcement ability by employing outside law enforcement officers to enhance our law enforcement and crime prevention capabilities at all our sites on an as-needed basis. 

    Your safety is my number one concern. CBC community members - students, faculty, staff, vendors and guests – have a right to safe and secure environment, both collectively and individually.  Each member is therefore encouraged to report all crimes and public safety related incidents directly to the CBCPD or to any CBC Site Director or other employee. 

    Accurate and prompt reporting ensures that the CBCPD is able to evaluate, consider, and send timely warning reports to CBC community members, as well as to accurately document reportable crimes in its annual statistical disclosure.  Some of the most common examples of criminal conduct that may occur on campus include; assault, some types of threats, theft, drug possession, criminal mischief (damage or destruction of property) and motor vehicle burglary. 

    We sincerely hope you enjoy your time at Coastal Bend College as you achieve you academic or workforce dreams. We pledge to provide you with a safe and comfortable learning experience or visit. We will strive to provide you with timely notifications and information you may need to assess your own safety and security needs while on our sites.