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  • We are excited to announce Cougar Care, an upcoming initiative designed specifically with you in mind. We understand that your journey through college comes with its unique challenges, and we are here to provide you with the comprehensive support you need to thrive academically and personally. 

    Cougar Care is all about wrap-around services, which means we are committed to addressing not just your academic needs, but also the various life challenges you may encounter while pursuing your education. Cougar Care will focus on basic needs, including: 

    • Mental Health Support 
    • Food Resources 
    • Emergency Aid 
    • Transportation 
    • Caregiving 

    The heart of Cougar Care is to create a network of support at all CBC locations, making sure that you have easy access to the resources you need. Our goal is to remove non-academic barriers that may stand in your way and empower you to achieve your educational goals.

    As you embark on your educational journey at CBC, know that Cougar Care is here for you! 

    Check your Cougar Mail for updates and more information! 

    What is Cougar Care? 

    Cougar Care, Coastal Bend College’s new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), will create a program for students to easily access support services across all CBC locations.  CBC employees will receive training to identify student challenges related to basic needs, understand their role in Cougar Care, and learn effective ways to help students succeed. 

    Cougar Care’s goal is to boost student success by recognizing and reducing the impact of obstacles to basic needs through comprehensive support services. 




    QEP Exploration & Steering Committee 

    Dr. Kayla Devora-Jones, co-chair 

    Dean of Student Services & Accessibility 

    Jarod Bleibdrey, co-chair 

    Dean of Career & Technical Education 

    Dr. Justin Hoggard 


    Dr. Patricia Rehak 


    Loana Hernandez 

    Dean of Nursing & Allied Health 

    Mark Secord 

    Dean of Transfer & General Education 

    Dr. Michelle Lane 

    Executive Director of IER 

    Jennifer Blanton 

    CBC- Pleasanton Site Director 

    Dr. Lisa Castaneda 

    CBC-Alice Site Director 

    Keenan Woods 

    CBC-Kingsville Site Director 

    Susie Gaitan 

    Dual Credit Director 

    Daniel Rea 

    Student Success Coordinator 

    Mike Rowlett 

    Data Scientist 

    Lara Billard 

    Website Specialist 

    Christi Morgan 

    TGE Faculty 

    Anna Hazelrigg 

    TGE Faculty 

    Kelly Rea 

    TGE Faculty 

    Luz Miranda 

    TGE Faculty 

    Dr. Roman Smith 

    TGE Faculty 

    Laura Lynn Southland 

    NAH Faculty 

    Virginia Wall 

    NAH Faculty 

    Joel Lopez 

    CTE Faculty