• Biography

    I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Master’s degree in Political Science and 21 hours in History. My focus was on American Politics, Disaster Resilience, and Military History. My interests are in Military Strategy and International Relations as well as the effects of wars and disasters on children. I have also been doing ongoing research on the part played by Palmyra Atoll in World War II.

    Prior to my graduate career, I studied Political Science, Radio-Television-Film, Economics, and Anthropology at the University of North Texas. 

    In 2018, I wrote an article titled “The Destruction of the Colombian City of Armero during the 1985 Volcanic Eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz” which was published in Cases in Crisis & Disaster, August 2018.

    In addition, I have written grants and directed independent films and stage plays. I have a love for animals and devote much of my free time to caring for my 5 cats and 3 dogs.