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    The Office of Residence Life at Coastal Bend College is proud to offer CBC students the opportunity to live on-campus in our residence hall (Benton Hall) or apartments.   

    Residence Life/Housing Coordinator - Roger Peron, rperon@coastalbend.edu 

    Benton Hall Manager - Nolan Collins, ncollins@coastlabend.edu 

    Apartment Manager - Ryan Benitez, rbenitez@coastalbend.edu 


    Updated May 8, 2020 


    The safety of student residents is our top priority and the Residence Life staff is working closely with the CBC's leadership to manage the COVID-19 response. Please visit http://www.coastalbend.edu/covid-19/ for all the latest updates.  


    To safeguard the health and well-being of our campus community, Benton Hall will be closed this Summer. The move-out date was extended to June 5th, to allow time for all student residents (including Resident Assistants) to make arrangements to return to their permanent residence. 

    Students that still have items in their dorm, please schedule an appointment with Roger Peron or Nolan Collins (contact information above) to pick-up belongings.   


    We have received many inquiries regarding housing refunds due to the altered and shortened stay in on-campus housing. All Benton Hall residents have received a pro-rated meal plan reimbursement; please check Cougar Den account for more information. CBC is working on a plan for refunds and/or account credits for students. Impacted students will receive communication soon from CBC about how their accounts will be handled. Please continue to check your CBC email in the coming weeks for ongoing communications and necessary updates. 

    Campus Apartments will operate as normal and monthly rent will remain the same. If you have any questions, please contact Apartment Manager, Ryan Benitez at rbenitez@coastalbend.edu.  



    Our Mission
    The Office of Residence Life promotes a safe and comfortable living environment for CBC students. We offer students the opportunity to expand their learning experience in a community setting that allows students to interact with other student residents. We strive to offer positive social interactions and pathways to success. Students share responsibility with the Res Life staff to promote an inclusive, respectful environment, with a focus on wellness and student success. 


    - Enrolled as a student at CBC
    Maintain full-time status (12 hrs for Fall and Spring; 9 hrs for Summer) 


    Application Process 
    1. Complete the Housing Application. 
    2. Submit all required proof of vaccinations to Office of Admissions & Records. 

    3. Pay application fee of $250 at the CBC Business Office. 

    4. If application is approved and their is availability of a room, The Office of Residence Life will contact you via your CBC email address. 

    Residence Hall (Benton Hall - Beeville Campus only)
    Benton Hall is a co-ed two-story residence hall. Each room is designed as a suite which means that four residents share one bathroom. The residence hall features a lobby area with vending machines and each floor has a coin-operated laundry units. 

    CBC Apartments 
    Coastal Bend College offers one-bedroom apartments conveniently located right across the street from the Beeville campus. Each apartment is furnished with an electric stove, refrigerator, one twin bed, and dresser. 

    Apartments are assigned based on the following priorities:

         ● Returning apartment residents;
         ● Married or single students needing a unit designed for those with physical disabilities;
         ● Married or single students with children;
         ● Married students;
         ● International or non-Texas citizens;
         ● Single students age 21 or older; and,
         ● Single students under age 21.


    Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirement 
    Students residing in the on-campus housing MUST have a bacterial meningitis vaccination no less than ten days prior to moving in or to be qualified for an exemption. 

    Texas Senate Bill 1107 requires all new entering students who are 21 years of age and under to provide proof of a bacterial meningitis vaccination at least ten days prior to the first day of courses. This includes students who have had a Fall or Spring semester lapse in enrollment. Students who fail to comply with the requirement may have a registration hold placed on their account until proof of the vaccination is submitted to the Office of Admissions. For more information, please visit Admissions web page