• Office of Disability Services 

    The Office of Disability Services is committed in creating an accessible learning environment for all students with disabilities that complies with the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Coastal Bend College strives to inform and educate all members of the college community to promote diversity that honors and appreciates disability. Students who are interested in receiving academic accommodations must follow the Accommodations Request Process. If you would like more information please contact the Disability Services Coordinator or visit your nearest CBC location.    

  • Sources of information used for determining a disability and accommodations may include a student’s self-report and documentation from qualified evaluators or professionals. The process to obtain accommodations must be completed by the student with the disability only. 

    Student’s Self-Report 

    The student with a disability should make an appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator prior to the start of the semester. The appointment can be scheduled in person, over the phone, or by email. The student may also coordinate a scheduled disability appointment through their Dedicated Advisor or Recruiter/Advisor that is located at each of our CBC locations. 

    Narrative Essay 

    Upon self-reporting, students should complete an accommodations request form which provides students an opportunity to describe their disability, strengths and weaknesses, and accommodations they are hoping to receive. Students may supplement the application for accommodations with a narrative essay that further describes his or her experience with: their specific disability, the barriers that they’ve faced, effective or ineffective accommodations that they’ve received, and services that they are requesting. Students who supplement the application with a narrative essay are still responsible for submitting a signed and completed Student Responsibilities and Consent to Exchange Confidential Information Form. 

    Information from External or Third Parties 

    Common sources of external documentation come from health care providers, psychologists, diagnosticians, and/or information from a previous school (e.g., accommodation agreements/letters, 504, IEP, SOP, teacher observations or ARD documents). 

    Accommodation Letter 

    After accommodations have been discussed and approved, the student will be provided with an accommodation letter. It is the student’s responsibility to deliver the letter in a timely manner to the instructor of each course where accommodations are needed. Students shall provide their letter of accommodations to their instructor through email or in-person. (Accommodations do not begin until the instructor has received the letter of approved services.) Students are also responsible for meeting and/or discussing their accommodations with their instructor(s) so that reasonable arrangements are made to ensure that they are receiving their accommodations. This may include reminding their instructor a few days prior to each of their exams of their testing accommodations. 

    Accommodation Decisions 

    At the post-secondary level, students are solely responsible for deciding which accommodations are needed for their course of study. Parents may attend meetings with the student and the Disability Service Coordinator at the student’s discretion. 

    Renewing Accommodations 

    Students who would like accommodations for the following semester, must contact the Office of Disability Services and submit an Accommodations Renewal Form. After receiving the form, the Office of Disability Services will get in contact with the student. If no changes in accommodations are needed, the Office of Disability Services will provide the letter of accommodation to the student in-person or through e-mail. 

    Submitting Documentation 

    All disability related documentation for new and returning students may be submitted through standard mail, email, fax, or in-person at one of our CBC locations. 

    Email: disability@coastalbend.edu 

    In-Person or Standard Mail             

    Beeville Site



    Alice Site



    Attn: Disability Services    

    704 Coyote Trail   

    Alice, TX, 78332   

    (361) 664-2981 Ext. 3025    



    Kingsville Site



    Attn: Disability Services   

    1814 Brahma Blvd.   

    Kingsville, TX, 78363   

    (361) 592-1615 Ext. 4076   



    Pleasanton Site

    Kristen Lindholm-Jambers   


    Attn: Disability Services   

    1411 Bensdale Rd.
    Pleasanton, TX, 78064

    (830) 569-4222 Ex. 1225