• Steps of Graduation

    To apply for graduation follow the steps below:

    Step 1:     Print Graduation Application
                    Deadlines: Fall - October 8, Spring - February 11, Summer -
                    June 10

    Step 2:     See advisor

    Step 3:     Visit Financial Aid Office, Business Office, Library Office, Student

                    Success Center Equipment Office for graduation clearance

    Step 4:     Clear all holds

    Step 5:     Return signed graduation packet to:

                         Beeville    Alice - Kingsville - Pleasanton  
                         Cougar Center
                    Admissions/Registrar's Office     
    Front Office will forward the packet to the
    Admissions/Registrar's Office

    Step 6:     Include a mailing address on the application so that your diploma can
                    be mailed.  It is your responsibility to report an address change.  

    IMPORTANT: You will be required to apply/reapply for the next graduation if:
                          (1) you miss the deadline or (2) you do not meet the graduation
                          requirements during the graduation term indicated on the graduation application.       

    Packet must include:
    -Graduation Application
    -Signed degree plan
    -A copy of completed checklist with signatures
    -Substitution forms/EDUC Wavier, if applicable