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    Welcome to the Coastal Bend College Testing Department's website. 

    Posted - 7/22/2020 -  TSI Exam Information:   Examity Live Proctoring Service has resumed proctoring exams.   There will be a reduced fee of $20.00 (reduced fee will be through August 31, 2020 - after that time the fee will go back to $25.00) that you'll pay Examity (an outside secure proctor service) to proctor your exam.     Make sure that you've practiced for your TSI exam by going to  www.coastalbend.edu/tsiresource/ to study.  Click on the TSI Virtual Remote Voucher Information / site for more details.  Be aware that due to the high volume of people needing to test - a person who logs on to the Examity site to schedule their exam - may not be able to test for a couple of weeks.  Therefore, don't wait until the last minute to follow the steps below to receive a Voucher for Examity.


    Steps to request a TSI Virtual Remote Voucher
    CBC Students may schedule to take their TSI with Examity at this point in time.  That means that they will need to pay a $20.00 fee directly to the outside company - Examity - to test from home via the steps below:



    First pay through the Beeville Testing Center - 361-354-2334- [Mondays - Wednesdays before 4 p.m.] the TSI Fee of $10.00 per section and e-mail testing@coastalbend.edu a copy of the receipt.   



    Please go to the following site http://www.coastalbend.edu/vrvi/ and then fill out and submit the following: 


    TSI Contract - www.coastalbend.edu/tsicontract/   



    And the TSI Virtual Remote Voucher Request Form    


    Once those two forms have been done and the receipt e-mailed to:  testing@coastalbend.edu the Testing Department can process your request for a Voucher for Examity. 



    It is recommended that you do one session at a time - since you are not allowed to leave the room when testing with Examity.  


    Please make sure that you've read the following:

    Go to the Examity Student site – to make sure that your laptop computer meets the system requirements before you make your reservation.    Also review the student video from Examity (a secure online proctoring service) – so that you will understand what is required to have your exam monitored and proctored using the Examity site.     There is a $20.00 fee that you pay Examity.   

    If you don't receive a registration e-mail from Examity - please use the Chat feature on their site - and their staff can provide a temporary password or reset your password for you.  

    If you've paid Examity and need a refund - please do the following:
    E-mail:  placementrefund@examity.com and include your name, e-mail address, Exam ID, and Order Number from your receipt.  
    Your refund will be sent in a timely fashion.

    [When you begin your proctoring session with Examity - there will be a background question asking the following:
    Were you provided with information and/or an activity to help you understand all of the following:  (1) the importance of this assessment, (2) sample questions, (3) course options, and (4) resources for students?

    This information was on your TSI Contract that you submitted to CBC.  

    If you answer "no" this will stop the exam
    and void your voucher.  Make sure that you answer "yes" to this question so that you can test.] 

    After your scores have been manually entered into Coastal Bend College's site - we will e-mail you and ask for you to login to your Cougar Den account to view your scores.  

    When you login to your Cougar Den account - click on the "Self Service" link/ "Student Planning" tab / At the top of the screen click on "Academic"/ then click on the "Test Summary" tab.  You will then be able to view your scores.


    6/30/20 - Due to COVID-19 our testing centers are closed. But our Testing Staff is working remotely.   We will post and let you know when we re-open.   We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.  

    The mission of Coastal Bend College's Testing Department is to offer quality service by providing helpful exam information, easy scheduling procedures, and professional exam administration in an atmosphere that is favorable for testing. 

    The Testing Center at each of our four (4) sites offer a variety of services.  All sites offer services for the following exams.  To find out more information about each, please click on the appropriate link.TSIA (College Placement Exam), Correspondence, Internet Course, Make-up,  Test Out Subject Competency Procedures,  BCIS 1305 Competency and  Special Accommodation exams. Coastal Bend College consists of our Beeville campus, Alice site, Kingsville site, and Pleasanton site.

    Our Beeville testing department administers the GED® exam, CDA exam
     ACT, and SAT exams  in addition to the exams above. 

    CNA Testing Located in the Beeville Frank Jostes Visual Arts Building - Room - 111

    TEAS Testing - Nursing Entrance Exam - administered by the Nursing Staff. 

    CLEP Exam Information - be aware that CBC is not a CLEP Test Center.  

    Contact Information:

    Coastal Bend College
    Testing Department
    R. W. Dirks Student Services Bldg.
    Room 131
    3800 Charco Road
    Beeville, Texas  78102
    Phone:  (361) 354-2334
    E-mail:  testing@coastalbend.edu 

    Operational Hours
    Summer 2020
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday - 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. 
    Closed on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    Please review the links above to see when the different exams are available for proctoring per site.

    (Coastal Bend College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability.)
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