Coastal Bend College is committed to providing an environment free from harassment or discrimination to all of it's community, faculty, staff, students, and guests. Coastal Bend College will promptly address all complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. Harassment and discrimination, including sexual harassment and discrimination, are all illegal under federal and state statues, including but not limited to the Title IX of the Educational Amendment of 1972, and is prohibited by Coastal Bend College.

  • Sexual Misconduct Protocol 

    Coastal Bend College is committed to maintaining a respectful, professional, academic and working environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This includes having an environment free from unlawful sexual misconduct. This protocol applies to all settings and activities of Coastal Bend College whether on District property or off.

    This protocol covers all students ("student" means a person who is currently enrolled in the Coastal Bend College, accepted for admission or readmission to Coastal Bend College, or who has been enrolled in Coastal Bend College during a prior semester or summer session and is eligible to continue enrollment in the semester or summer session that immediately follows, or who is attending an educational program sponsored by Coastal Bend College while that person is on campus; employees ("employee" includes former employees and applicants for employment), and other individuals who have a relationship with Coastal Bend College that enables Coastal Bend College to exercise some control over the individual's conduct in places and activities that relate to the District's work (e.g., contractors, vendors, etc.).    

    So that Coastal Bend College may foster a climate of respect and security on campus as it relates to preventing and responding to acts of sexual misconduct, this protocol has been created and serves to demonstrate the District's commitment to:  

    1. Foster a campus climate free from sexual misconduct: sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and the acts of stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence;  
    2. Disseminate clear strategies for responding to acts of sexual misconduct reported to the institution;  
    3. Deliver training and education programs to students and employees so they may identify sexual misconduct and understand how to report such conduct;  
    4. Engage in investigative inquiry and resolution of complaints that are prompt, fair and equitable and independent of other investigations that may occur;  
    5. Recognize the inherent dignity and worth of each member of the Coastal Bend College community and the rights of persons to be safe in their bodies, which lends to the core values of this academic institution. 

    Lastly, it is the intent of this protocol to:  

    1. Identify the Title IX Coordinator and Investigators and describe their roles in compliance with guidance from the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights.  
    2. Identify how students can report sexual misconduct to the College confidentially or privately and what resources are available both on and off campus to aid them.  
    3. Identify how employees can report sexual misconduct to the College and what resources are available both on and off campus to aid them.  
    4. Provide information about how complaints are assessed, investigated and resolved.  
    5. Provide the College with a means to take all reasonable steps to identify harassment, prevent recurrence of any harassment, and to correct its discriminatory effects on the complainant and others, if appropriate.

    Table of Contents
        1. Notice of Coordination with Non-Discrimination Policy & Notice of Non-Discrimination
        2. Definitions
        3. Consent & Incapacitation
        4. Title IX Coordinator & Title IX Investigators
        5. Reporting
        6. Jurisdiction & Reporting Timeframes
        7. Confidentiality
        8. Sexual Assault
        9. Protection Orders & No Contact Orders
      10. Interim Measures & Protective Measures
      11. Investigation & Resolution
      12. Non-Retaliation
      13. Risk Reduction
      14. On- & Off-Campus Resources