• Video Conferencing

    Welcome to our whole new world of endless possibilities through Video Conferencing.  At Coastal Bend College, we strive to educate our students and prepare them for the real world by exposing them to all sorts of challenging environments from online learning to video conferencing. 

    Coastal Bend College has the following Video Conference Rooms available to teach classes in or hold meetings in when classes aren't scheduled.  Conducting meetings in a Video Conference room is definitely a more cost-effective way of doing business. 

    Life Size Series A -- connection between Beeville, Alice, Kingsville, Pleasanton; with student computers
    Polycom Series B -- connection between Beeville, Alice, Kingsville, Pleasanton
    Polycom Series C -- connection between Beeville, Alice, Kingsville, Pleasanton; with student computers**
    Life Size Series D -- connection between Beeville, Alice, Kingsville, Pleasanton 

    To view semester schedules and check availability of rooms please click links below.







    Summer 2017

    Lifesize A 

    Polycom B  

    Polycom C 

    Lifesize D 

    Fall 2017

    Lifesize A  

    Polycom B  

    Polycom C  

    Lifesize D  

    Spring 2018

     Lifesize A  

     Polycom B    Polycom C 

     Lifesize D 











    Lifesize A Series 

    Elam Bldg Rm 115

    Ext. 2770

    Rm 205

    Ext. 3008

    Rm 131

    Ext. 4021

    Rm 139

    Ext. 1259

    Polycom B Series 

    Elam Bldg Rm 110

    Ext. 2228

    Rm 103

    Ext. 3000

    Rm 119

    Ext. 4043

    Rm 140

    Ext. 1222

    Polycom C Series 

    Elam Bldg Rm 112

    Ext. 2257

    Rm 104

    Ext. 3100

    Rm 129

    Ext. 4020

    Rm 141

    Ext. 1220

    Lifesize D Series 

    Elam Bldg Rm 111

    Ext. 2771

    Rm 204

    Ext. 3009

    Rm 120

    Ext. 4023

    Rm 138

    Ext. 1224

    To reserve a room, please contact Yolanda Abrigo at ycharles@coastalbend.edu or at extension 2506.  You can also click here to submit your reservation request.