• Zogotech 

    Student Retention Management System  


    Faculty & Staff who have access to Zogotech and are connected to the CBC network via ethernet cable or WiFi may click  HERE to go to the Zogotech Log-in page.      

    Student Engagement
    ZogoTech's Student Engagement software empowers student services groups with information they need from various sources (i.e. POISE, Campus Connect, National Student Clearinghouse) to effectively serve students and assess the result.

    Proactively Intervene
    Many student services groups are in reactive mode: waiting until students show up for help. Some institutions have developed "early alert" programs, but in these the intervention does not usually happen until the middle of the semester.
    However, if you have a student who is retaking classes, enrolled in a gatekeeper class, has a low GPA and has significantly increased his / her credits in the current term, intervening in the middle of the semester will be too late. ZogoTech's software points out these students so you can intervene before the semester even starts.

    At-risk Indicators
    ZogoTech's software includes automatically computed at-risk indicators from Noel-Levitz and others telling advisors

    • if a student is retaking a class  
    • is registered for significantly more hours this semester but has not seen an advisor  
    • has experienced a significant drop in GPA  
    • is enrolled in "gateway" classes  
    • has missed tutoring sessions  
    •  and more... 


    Proactive Enrollment Management
    On a daily basis during registration, departments can see which of their students have not yet re-registered, those who are at-risk, or who are close to graduating based on completed credit hours.

    Advise Comprehensively
    ZogoTech's software enables quicker and more effective advising by aggregating information from various sources into a user-friendly interface.
    With a Culture of Inquiry, advisors run in-depth analyses on the program they are running and the students they are advising.

    ZogoTech How To's

    Upload students to a Faculty Advising List, Send a Batch Email, Save a Batch Email (PDF)

    Add a student to a Faculty Advising List (PDF) 

    Delete a student from a Faculty Advising List (PDF)

    Create a Table Filter (PDF)