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    Student Education Plans for First Year Experience (FYE)   

    You are about to graduate from high school and are considering Coastal Bend College. So, what is next for you?   

    First Year Experience Flyer   

    After working with your CBC representative, over the school year to make sure you get help with your application and orientations, and student education plans. We are excited to invite you to finalize your application process and get your student education plan. Not only is this a mandatory step in the process of onboarding to the New Student Orientation (NSO) program but the good news it also gives you priority enrollment into classes. Once you complete this ed plan and your orientation, you can register for NSO.   

    Schedule Coaching Session for Education Plan     

    Welcome to Coastal Bend College!  Bring a friend if you like, it is a much better time when sharing an experience with a friend in person, or virtually!   

    Virtual Cougar Center   

    To assist students with their onboarding process, CBC provides support to students through its Virtual Cougar Center via Lifesize. Meetings are held everyday starting at 3pm under this Lifesize Meeting Room Link. The following meeting schedule is held by Student Service departments assisting in the Virtual Cougar Center:    

    Success Coaching (Advising): Mondays and Fridays  

    Admissions/Registrar: Tuesdays 

    Financial Aid: Wednesdays 

    Testing Services: Thursdays  

    Weekly Cougar Chill Events via Lifesize   

    Prospective and newly enrolled CBC students have a time and place where they can meet Outreach student staff for activities and social events. Some of our weekly activities include: 

    -Zoom Jeopardy  

    -Mean Girls Kahoot  

    -Home Scavenger hunt      

    Cougar Chill events take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:30pm. To get the most up to date information, make sure to follow us on Instragram, Twitter, Facebook.   

    College Fairs 

    -Representatives attend college fairs in local high schools, the community, and the Coastal Bend area. 

    -Additional details about programs, classes, and opportunities are provided.  

    High School Visits  

    -Students are provided with assistance during their transition to CBC.   

    -Recruiters inform prospective students about the different programs offered.    

    -Local students can receive assistance with applications, orientation, and financial aid workshops. 


    -Student recruiters offer groups or individuals with additional information about resources at CBC, such as Tutoring, Financial Aid, etc.